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We strive to provide our members with access to the tools, skills, resources, and networks necessary for building strong, independent, and dynamic families and communities. We stand committed to the following principles that have been with our company since our founding...

  • All People are created Equal. (We don't recognize Nobility in America. Here, Freedom is for All Men & Women. People of ALL Races, Colors, Creeds, & Backgrounds are Encouraged to Join Us!)

  • All People have Inalienable, Natural Rights. (The Rights to Life [Live], Liberty [Free Will], & Property [Justly Acquired Tools & Resources] are fundamental to all human beings. We are here to help you protect yours.)

  • Governments are created to protect the Rights of the People. (What's your Plan B?)

  • Community First. (Our safety, sustainability, & liberty are best protected when our communities are strong and our people are skilled. The SOL Patriot Discount Club was conceived with the belief that all sustainable change must come from the local level and the people themselves.)

  • Survival is Not Political. (Don't let politics and media divide us. The SOL Patriot Discount Club is open to anyone, from any party or walk of life, supporting safety, sustainability, liberty, & justice for all.)

  • The Rule of Law is Paramount. (Our team pledges to always protect and follow the Rule of Law and we expect all SOL Patriot Club Members to remain upstanding, law-abiding citizens. Any violations of the Rule of Law, the US Constitution, or Bill of Rights by Patriot Club Members will result in loss of membership.)

Very Respectfully,

The SOL Team

"An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot."

~ Thomas Paine

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