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Discount Club

 ~ Patriotic Small Business Survival Network ~

($10-25/Year - Click the Button Above)

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includes discounts at:

Pro Veteran, Pro 1st Responder, Pro Entrepreneur, Pro Skill-Building, Pro Community, Pro Freedom, & Pro Fun.

Small Town America Strikes Back

#buylocal #buildskills #supportheroes #unitedwestand

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FATHERS of Liberty

MOTHERS of Liberty

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"Small Town America is in for the Fight of its Life. Global Corporations, Capital Cities, & Mass Media are relentlessly working to Monopolize the US Economy and dismantle the Independence, Unity, and Dignity of Small Town USA. The Sons of Liberty Patriot Discount Club (currently in NJ, NY, & PA) is here to help Small Town America Strike Back! Our Mission is to strengthen Families and Communities by promoting Locally-Owned Businesses, buying Fresh from Local Farms, learning Skills from Local Instructors, uniting Local Patriots, overcoming Local Divisions, and raising Money for Local Heroes. Our Patriotic Members receive Discounts from Patriotic Instructors & Businesses that enhance Community Independence and support Local Heroes in Uniform.  Join the Sons of Liberty Patriot Discount Club and get rewarded when you Build your Skills, Strengthen your Community, and Protect your Freedom."

- The SOL Team

Sons of Liberty
Certified Homegrown Businesses

  • Are Independently Owned. (No Franchises or Corporations).

  • Increase Community Skill/Sustainability.

  • Support Heroes who Protect our Freedom.

Active & Veteran

Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs, & ER Nurses


Certification does not GUarantee Quality or Customer Satisfaction.

Benefits for  Patriots

  • Discounts from SOL Instructors, Community Businesses, & The Official SOL Outfitters Store.

  • Invitations to Sons of Liberty Veteran Fundraisers @ Patriotic Breweries & Distilleries.

Membership Dues
Patriot Price $25/Year

Hero Price $10/Year

($5 Pandemic Discount thru 2022)

(Military, LEOs, Firefighters, EMTs, & ER Nurses)


  • FREE Business  & Event Advertisement targeting Veterans, 1st Responders, & Freedom-Loving Patriots.

  • Invites to Promo your Business @ Sons of Liberty Brewery Fundraisers.

  • FREE SOL Patriot Discount Card for Business Owner(s).

Membership Dues
Offer a Discount to SOL Patriot Discount Members - You Pick

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Online Applications


Complete the SOL Patriot Discount Club Application on Paper for:


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Online Application



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PO Box 653

Sparta, NJ 07871

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